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For you, IB. Go crazy. Make a scene. Be the ridiculous troll you are. Definitely, don't read something that might make you think. That might break you,.

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I'm sorry if my opinions offend you. I'm sorry if my pointing out your actions causes you grief.
But I'm mostly sorry you always respond in such an emotional, and irrational way.

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If it were opinions, I'd be fine. But you never add anything of value, and just simply spam your spam. If you actually HAD an opinion, I'd love to discuss, but you don't, so it's a waste of time.

And the best thing is, I only post these articles to piss you off. Which giggles me to no end, because your lack of education, tact, and common sense brings out my Schadenfreude.

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No, that's what cherrypicking looks like. As I pointed out last time, it would be a moronic way to identify spammers.

You could suggest some not-completely-stupid criteria for spammer identification... On the other hand, maybe the admins are quite capable of identifying spammers without you picking on users you don't like.

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You are trying to equate common sense and the ability to critically think with IB. It's not possible. Now, drop a cat video, and you'd be golden....

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Do you understand what that link is? Do you notice <= 1 on almost all, and not a single post from other users?
Use you head.

I get it, you're still angry about this. Get over it.


Also, just look at the guys comments in this post.
He's almost as insane as you.