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That was a roller coaster. I liked it though, the ending wasn't very smug either, which I wasn't expecting.

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Are you kidding? The end was as awfully smug as one might expect after suffering through that painfully cringe-worthy juvenile video.

The God-botherers are in pole position if that's the state of atheist dialogue.

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It's reasonable to expect that the thought-processes of a hypothetical god are as unknowable to us as our philosophy is to an amoeba. Nonetheless, the video starts by humbly portraying god and his god as petty violent douches who grapple with the relatively simple concept of "things they don't know". This of course is a concept for retarded meatbags like us. Nonetheless, after painfully labouring the point, we finally arrive at an actual (smug, wasted) human who claims to have created all the gods, but is painfully ignorant of the unknowable question of his own creator that we were forced to watch the idiotic gods deal with.

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It seems that you entirely missed the point of the video, but managed to find offence, despite none being given.
I am sorry that your beliefs are so fragile that you lose your typical rational conversation skills and instead Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

I've read your comment twice now. There are no actual points. Once the insults and unsupported opinion is stripped out there's nothing left.
You've been spending too much time on Voat, I think.

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If you'd like to start on a concrete point, you can explain why the annoying little cherub didn't think to ask the stoned human about his own creation in the end - that being the elephant in the room.

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Please go ahead and enlighten me - I would appreciate it. You seem to have forgotten to include any actual information in your own comment at all.