For me, it's over easy/medium. Love those warm yolks on the toast, grits or hash browns.

If you disagree, what form of mental illness have you been diagnosed with?

For me, it's over easy/medium. Love those warm yolks on the toast, grits or hash browns. If you disagree, what form of mental illness have you been diagnosed with?


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I used to hate anything but scrambled. Recently I switched over to over medium though. They just taste richer. Maybe I’m getting old and senile.

I used to scrambled only when I was a kid. Now, those warm yolks over toast, grits or hash browns. Nothing against the whites, mind you, but just DAMN. Yumminess that nourishes.

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Over medium or scrambled.

I was never hot for scrambled until I saw Gordon Ramsay's video on how to make them. Now I evolved that to a more american style, but I use 1 tbsp butter per 2 eggs. No salt until the end.

I'm also fond of boiling eggs, like dropping them into ramen and letting them cook in the broth. And the eggs on McMuffins are great.

Honestly, I'll enjoy an egg any way but raw.

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Gotta say I was not a fan of how Ramsay made scrambled eggs. Guessing you're referring to how he keeps taking them off the heat and stirring them then back on then back off the heat constantly? Sure, that gives you an evenly runny egg serving, but why is the even runniness so important? I like my scrambled eggs a little bit runny, but for the entirety to be slightly runny throughout did nothing for me over just the simpler "crack a few eggs and walk away for a bit" cooking strategy

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Well, what worked well for me was the butter. That was a real game changer. I am not a fan of using milk, it dilutes the flavor. What I liked, texture-wise, from Ramsay's method was the small curd size. I don't prefer big chunks of egg I have to cut with my fork. I like them cooked to a just-cooked curd, so that it's super soft and a little fluid drips out when you smash it around in your mouth. I don't like runny in scrambled eggs, that's not what I was going for at all.

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Pro-tip: do not use homogenized milk for scrambled eggs. That is why you feel it is watered down. Get some non- homogenized 2% milk that you have to shake before using, but instead just dip out the fat that separates on top of the bottle and use that in your eggs. That is imo much better than butter in eggs

May I take this opportunity to say just FUCK the Gordon Ramsay creature and the network which put his pathetic ass to the forefront. That jackass has no taste for or love of food. Fish and chips or burgers are all he's good for, and not very good for that even.

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It's hard to make them this way and I only get it exactly right 1/10th of the time but, the yolks slightly gooey, but on edge of turning solid so that the very second they touch toast they solidify a little.

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Sunny side over atop hash browns. I prefer butter and maple syrup on my grits ;-)

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Never heard "sunny side over". We yanks say "sunny side up" instead

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Sunny side over whatever. That means flipping your sunny side up egg on top of your grits or hash browns so that the yolk bursts and drips into the other food.

<3 years experience waiting tables in diners>

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Huh, I might try ordering that at the mom and pop diner down the street tomorrow

Grits are so Southern, you're not supposed to mention maple syrup in the same sentence, or even paragraph. Publicly, say "blackberry" this or "peach" that. Then, you can sneak to a grocery store on the other side of town and buy some maple syrup. But don't let strangers know about it. Also, there's the black strap molasses option.

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Momma didn't like molasses. Sorry, that's just how it was. I dripped some from a bite of waffle and it's been love ever since :-)

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I prefer them over medium or over hard.

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Cooked and sliced on rye bread.

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define this....do you mean hard boiled and sliced and put between bread, hard boiled and sliced into an egg salad then make a sandwich, hot scrambled betwixt bread, or what?

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Hard boiled, sliced, put on bread, with butter and salt. Very simple. As a bachelor, I usually don't eat food that takes longer to prepare than to eat.

Fried into a puck. Served on toast. Eating it right now while typing with one hand.

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Over-medium with bacon and toast on the side or scrambled and made into a breakfast burrito with salt, pepper, bacon, cheese and hot sauce

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I make mine over easy and I love to dip Bacon in the yolk.

Bacon dipped in the yolk? New one on me.

I like over easy-medium, breakfast sausage or maybe bacon, chop it up and pile it all on some grits or hash browns. Slop the whole mess onto a slice of toast and I'm a very, very happy camper.

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Whenever I go out for breakfast, I get over easy, an omelette or rarely poached. When I cook them myself, often scrambled or hard boiled since I rarely make a full breakfast and just have like eggs and fruit. If I have bacon, bread and time then I'll make over easy