Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.

Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.


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I've been playing a lot of PUBG lately. I've done some Fortnite as well.

I wasted a lot of my life on Minecraft since 2015, when Voatcraft happened to be specific. That turned into leading the charge away from Voatcraft when the owner got greedy and running a new server until the community died off... twice... I'm glad there's no playtime counter, that's for sure. It nearly ruined my life.

Quake and Doom (all of them), CS;S I played a lot of back in the day but I don't have a ton of time into CS:GO.

Laser League is really cool, but it never took off unfortunately.

Dirty Bomb is another really good game. It's F2P but you're better off getting one of the merc packs so that you don't have to grind for a long time. It's really fun.

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You know, I really wanted to hate PUBG. I thought that, because everybody was into it, and considering how poorly optimized it was, I could never get into it.

I am absolutely in love with it. I try to squeeze in a match, any chance I get. I play it on PC and on mobile, and I never play games on my phone.

It is an incredible experience.

Wish I could say the same of Fortnite. I don't hate it, but it's moving away from the core battle royale experience into batshit insane territory, and I don't know how I feel about that...

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I totally wanted to hate PUBG. The first time I played it, having come from Fortnite, I hated it. I would have returned it, but I didn't buy direct from Steam--from Humble instead. Then I picked it up again, some people I knew were playing it. Played with them and it just clicked. It doesn't get its nickname of Running Simulator for nothing, though.

I feel like Fortnite is tighter, but the building is weird. It's better optimized and they cut out a lot of crap with attachments, it's more raw in that sense. Then again... the rapid building, dancing, rocket riding... I don't know. I can't take it seriously.

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Exactly. I got started with Fortnite and played it for a while. I just can't get around the building mechanics. They don't fit.

Anyway, all I can say is, if so many people are playing it, it MUST be a good game ;)

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Do you have any good private servers for CS:S? I can't play on the public ones anymore. They are all hacked to shit. I hate the CS: GO models/skins, my brain just can't get a good read on T vs CT in the shadows and I keep TKing so I stopped playing it. I went back to Q3RA but there are so few servers public anymore that have players

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Hearts, my own version of solitare, Settlers of Catan, Risk (I prefer the castle risk board with standard risk rules).

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I've been looking for fellow card players. Hearts is good fun, I generally do cribbage, 500, gin and pinnacle because hearts often ended up causing people to hate one another for a day or so when you play it in the family.

I'd give my left arm to find a group to play canasta with in person.

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There's an idea for phuks. In site gaming.

One way to do it is use a "serverless" type system. How that works is that it's not really serverless but the server implements some set of functions that are generally turring complete and then the code can be entirely client driven. This would give the client the ability to do just about anything which means running a card game would just be a matter of the right front-end code. It's called serverless because there is no application specific server side logic.

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Warlight basically did that for risk. There were server options to join games, then the creator could set timeout periods for someone to make a move. I had played games within an hour and also games that took 3 weeks to finish because everyone had a day or two to make their move. That was fully P2P minus matchmaking and has its ups and downs.

I'd be totally up for making a similar app for cards if there was interest.

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I cycle between a lot of games. Recently I've been playing Mega Man, Super Mario Bros 3 and a new PC game called Minit, kind of like the Legend of Zelda but played in one minute increments.

If I had to choose it'd probably be a toss up between Metal Gear Solid 1-3 or Final Fantasy X.

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Never heard of Minit. Do you recommend it?

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I haven't played a great deal of it yet, but so far it's pretty good. The basic concept is you pick up a cursed sword that kills you every 60 seconds, so you need to move through the game progressing a little with each death. You can move into new "homes" that serve as a respawn point somewhere else in the game. It has a nice aesthetic.

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Civ5, FallOut4, Borderlands are my recent three. Damn I haven't played chess in forever. We might be able to add one here attached to userid. we talked before about open source games that could be added and make our own leaderboards... a lot to think about i have

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My teenage son got interested in chess and brought me back to it. Pretty cool actually.

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I have been loving Stardew Valley lately. For a while, I had a friendly competition going with my old lady to see who could be more succesful, but I quickly surpassed her farming skills.

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Have you tried My Time at Portia? My girlfriend just got it for me and we both love Stardew Valley. It has a very similar feel but with less emphasis on farming and more on crafting. The aesthetic is quite nice and pleasant. As far as activities go, I think the game has a good social aspect, the combat (if you enjoy that at all) is nice, and there always seems to be something fun to do.

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7 days to die is a great game with a Linux client. It's been eating a lot of my time lately.

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Dota 2, Hoi 3 modded and cities skylines are my returning games. Lately i've been having a FIFA itch and i cant wait for red dead 2 to be released

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Stellaris and Subnautica, currently.

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I played Subnautica like a year ago and that was fun as shit, but gave me severe vertigo when I hit the shelves. 10/10 would play in VR

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I need to jump back into Subnautica and finish that game. I played like 28 hours and just stopped for some reason.

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Into the Breach - it has its flaws, but great game from the FTL people

I just bought a SNES Classic and I'm playing through Super Mario World and Link to the Past right now. Feels good using the old SNES controller to play those.

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Two great SNES titles. I really liked FTL, I might have to get around to trying Into the Breach eventually.

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All time favorite is the original Deus Ex.

I've been bouncing between Stardew Valley, ARK, and Kingdom Come lately.

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