Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.

Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.


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I've been playing a lot of PUBG lately. I've done some Fortnite as well.

I wasted a lot of my life on Minecraft since 2015, when Voatcraft happened to be specific. That turned into leading the charge away from Voatcraft when the owner got greedy and running a new server until the community died off... twice... I'm glad there's no playtime counter, that's for sure. It nearly ruined my life.

Quake and Doom (all of them), CS;S I played a lot of back in the day but I don't have a ton of time into CS:GO.

Laser League is really cool, but it never took off unfortunately.

Dirty Bomb is another really good game. It's F2P but you're better off getting one of the merc packs so that you don't have to grind for a long time. It's really fun.

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Do you have any good private servers for CS:S? I can't play on the public ones anymore. They are all hacked to shit. I hate the CS: GO models/skins, my brain just can't get a good read on T vs CT in the shadows and I keep TKing so I stopped playing it. I went back to Q3RA but there are so few servers public anymore that have players