Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.

Lately I've been playing CS:GO, TF2, Chess (chess.com), and Minecraft.


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Hearts, my own version of solitare, Settlers of Catan, Risk (I prefer the castle risk board with standard risk rules).

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I've been looking for fellow card players. Hearts is good fun, I generally do cribbage, 500, gin and pinnacle because hearts often ended up causing people to hate one another for a day or so when you play it in the family.

I'd give my left arm to find a group to play canasta with in person.

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There's an idea for phuks. In site gaming.

One way to do it is use a "serverless" type system. How that works is that it's not really serverless but the server implements some set of functions that are generally turring complete and then the code can be entirely client driven. This would give the client the ability to do just about anything which means running a card game would just be a matter of the right front-end code. It's called serverless because there is no application specific server side logic.

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Warlight basically did that for risk. There were server options to join games, then the creator could set timeout periods for someone to make a move. I had played games within an hour and also games that took 3 weeks to finish because everyone had a day or two to make their move. That was fully P2P minus matchmaking and has its ups and downs.

I'd be totally up for making a similar app for cards if there was interest.