So now I have to balance eating pears I don't like with wasted money/food.

So now I have to balance eating pears I don't like with wasted money/food.


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Says the person who worships brussel sprouts...

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What kind of pear? You seem to be describing those shitty brown pears, not the awesome green ones

They're all that way to me.

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You probably should not have random delivery services choose your produce. Some fruits like say honeycrisp apples are fine to order that way cause they taste fine when still unripe. Pears you need to be able to choose yourself, and you need to know how to choose them. I grew up with a few pear trees and kind of miss them.

I could have swapped it out but I wanted to know if I still disliked them. I do. Which is odd because we had a pear tree in my yard when I was a kid. Huge pears and so many that if we didn't prop up the tree, it would kill itself from the weight. The next people who bought the house when we moved didn't prop up the tree. They don't have a pear tree now..

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Pears are disgusting

We are now mortal enemies and so will be our children and their children. Until the heat death of the universe or the extermination of your bloodline and any written record that gives hint of your bloodline's existence. Whatever comes first. Pears are nice.

"Men, like peaches and pears, grow sweet a little while before they begin to decay." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Pears aren't all that sweet, are far too juicy, and are gritty. If I want to eat sweet sand, I'll mix some sugar into some sand and take a big spoonful.

Fine. Regift them to a vegan then laugh at them eating sugar-laden sand.

I'm vegetarian. I'm gonna have to report you to the local vegan authorities. Stay right where you are and two militant vegans will come to harass you shortly.