As per the typical stereotyped white guy, I like IPA's! The hoppier the betterier!

What kind of booze do you imbibe?

As per the typical stereotyped white guy, I like IPA's! The hoppier the betterier! What kind of booze do *you* imbibe?


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Yuengling is my favorite. I detest IPAs, I just don't like them. If I don't get Yuengling then I usually get Rolling Rock. Sometimes, if I can find it, I'll get Old Rasputin.

As for other booze, I like Wild Turkey 101 and Maker's Mark. I'll drink just about anything but Jagermeister.

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Another fucking Yinzer swearing by Yuengling and Rolling Rock. Crap!!! You left out IC Light.

As an offside, I have found fucking fingernails twice in IC Light over the years.

Let's go Pens!

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Nah, I don't care for IC at all. It's like Budweiser, instant heartburn.

Let's go Pens, Here we go Steelers, N'at!

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Yuengling is great, but I can only get it when I'm visiting family since they don't distribute to the west coast.

Imperial stouts are something I can do on a cold, rainy night, but it just isn't my daily drinker.

IPA's aren't for everyone, and indeed I could agree that a lot of them aren't even beer. Dark lagers are my second favorite, and if I'm honest they are probably more of a beer than anything else.

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I like IPA's as well. But I usually drink lager or pilsner.

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Absinthe is just one step away from drinking your mum's nail polish remover.

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You just haven't been the same since you lost the broccoli war. Have you considered a psychiatrist?

I tend to self medicate. That being said...THE WAR RAGES EVER ON!

You think true Broccolievers give up that easily? This is simply another notch in my stalk, on our way to sweet victoria!

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I can't drink that anymore since I once had too much of a cheap one.

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Once got a friend almost staggering drunk on 3 ounces of absinthe. She couldn't help wondering "what was in it" since it takes a whole bottle of rum to get her that way.

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I don't drink at home, so when I'm out I ask for a local dark. I'm rarely disappointed, and have had some excellent beers. Too bad I can't remember their often strange names.

We're opposite then. I hate drinking anywhere but my home. Something about being tipsy in public really ruins the fun for me. I'm always anxious I'll trip over something or say some stupid shit like "fuck cabbages" out loud in the middle of a smokey, standing room only pub in downtown.

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Two things. Saying "fuck cabbages" is acceptable any time, any place. Well, I never drink to get "tipsy." I'll have a drink or two with friends, or at a dinner out, but never enough to start picking brussel sprouts off people's plates or anything.

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Victoria Bitter. A hard earned thirst needs a big, cold beer.

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I also like hippity hoppity bitter west coast IPAs

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My favorite cheap beer is Stroh's and my go to good beer is Oberon. But I really like beer in general. If you put one in front of me, I will probably drink it.

I recently brewed an absolutely delicious Spiced Hard cider that I have been sipping on for the last few weeks.