Take as much space as needed, attach additional sheets of paper if necessary.

Take as much space as needed, attach additional sheets of paper if necessary.


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got an infection in a leg and the penicilin injection was fucking worse than the infection itself

There's a lot of stuff about my situation that isn't right, but I don't know if that means something is wrong with me. I'll go ahead and say here what I've said in another thread. There's no point in hiding myself anymore, and phuks gives me a nice platform to vent.

I'm an alcoholic and develop dependencies way too easily.

I have a hard time admitting when I'm wrong, and most likely I won't back down until I've made an ass of myself.

I hurt the people I love the most, when they are the least deserving of it. Like I'll just snap at someone for something, but in everyday life I don't treat random people half as bad. I can't change myself, I see myself making the mistakes in action and I hate myself for it.

I steamroll people in conversations a lot. I'll talk over them or project my opinion louder than theirs. I fucking hate it, and I get super drunk trying to drown my self hatred away. Then I wind up here at phuks and start broccoli-posting in an effort to get a few lulz so I can feel better about myself.

Most of the time broccoli-posting soothes me. Sometimes the cabbages get to me, though.

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Whoa... it was a joke question instead we all got an existential crisis. You okay, man?

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I've had heart surgery already and I'm only in my mid 30s

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How has that changed your attitude?

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I have two first cousins who died suddenly of heart issues in their 40s, so it taught me that I need to get out of the job I don't like and finally get that business started I've been planning to do. It's not worth the stress on my heart working for a company I don't care for

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At least you'll be able to put your soul into it if not your heart and soul.

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Better sell it, who needs a heart nowadays? I heard there's an android app that does exactly the same thing for free

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I've seen that app. Every time your heartbeat gets up there, it forces you to sing a Pizza Hut jingle.

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I've lived longer than I planned or wanted.

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How long did you plan on living?

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Sometime less than 30 years. I took a lot of chances back then with cars and motorcycles and off-road vehicles and climbing mountains alone. Many days I thought was my last, and I was okay with that. Then I got really stupid and got married.

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Get off my lawn!

There's probably actually something wrong with me. I tried to raise it a while back, but it was treated as if I was just overreacting. I have genuinely shitty social skills. Maybe social anxiety? I wouldn't know, I'm not diagnosed of anything.

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You know what's wrong with you? The fact that you're not like "normal" society. If everyone was like you, there wouldn't be anything wrong at all!

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Everyone answering and no one says "Where do you want me to start?"

Am disappoint.

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I'm too angry at this post hole to express my true feelings.

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Not much that I can perceive, but I really like hanging out with you guys so there MUST be something there...

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I’m 100% incapable of caring about your feelings. I work in a technical field and yet I’m surrounded by people who’s feelings are the center of their world. It’s frustrating as fuck trying to communicate with them.

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Of course their feelings are the center of their world. Their world. It can be anything they want it to be. I mean, it's their life, right?

Maybe you need to go somewhere where it's not so emotionally driven?