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Haha. I remember reading something similar about hard drives not too far back. But do hard drives even use master/slave anymore? I have three drives in my PC and I never set up any of them like you had to back in the IDE days.

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Those were a huge pain. I think they went away with SATA.

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That would make sense. The last time I can recall messing with one was my AMD 1100 build. That was like two decades ago.

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It's almost embarrassing to be a software engineer these days because of retards like this

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I don't have a presence in the Python community but someone who does should really make a big effort to change the name Python. After all, it was named after Monty Python and their humour was VERY slanderous against trans. AND they dressed up as Hitler several times! Very non-PC.

Honestly, I just don't want something good like Monty Python associated with this feel-goodcentric circle jerking.

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I would like to suggest the new name "Nanette", all actions in pythons should automatically return complaint errors