Hey Scorpio- can a person that isn't a programmer use this to fine tune their windows environment? Or, learn from using it in some way? Sans machine borking that is...

Although it's mostly intended to manage installation of software, etc., you can certainly use it to manage windows and its configuration.





There are also packages in Chocolatey that allow you install software that automates your settings. So, yes, you certainly could use this but it's more of an automation tool that you can use to configure your environment for your purpose. For example, you could write a script to install certain windows updates and specific versions of software so that you don't have to touch each machine. I think if you intend to use this to configure a single system, it would likely be more work than you might feel it's worth unless you upgrade entire systems on a frequent basis.

Ah, thanks. Way out of my wheelhouse; I'm the "try and learn something new" all the time type of person. I love to learn just about anything. Sounds like this is more for folks that manage systems vs someone like me that would just want to play with their own single desktop.