"I don't know where they money would come from, but they can figure it out," one respondent said of how things like free health care and education would be paid for.

I don't know why people want free university. Interest-free loans are fair enough. Flat-out free university is just a wealth transfer from the poor to the middle-class who don't have problems funding it already.

The main problem of debt is during people's studies. Not after it. If people who earn $70k/year after university can't seem to be able to repay, that's not a problem of banks or the system. That's a problem of individual retardation.

Why should those who earn $70k annually get a bailout? It's not fair for the working classes.

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Cheap and free loans is part of the reason college costs have ballooned. No incentive to keep it affordable if people are willing to sign up for these outrageous loans.