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We lived in fear of a few looming specters: the Clintons, social services, martial law, gun control. We were taught that the liberal government was out to get our liberties and our faith.


It seems unbelievable now. But when you think that your president killed Vincent Foster, when you think that God instilled in you a duty to own guns and that the government is slowly eroding that right so that it can impose martial law, you start to lead a pretty suspicious life.

It's absolutely intoxicating to indulge in your paranoia, to let this grow inside of you. Everybody that isn't exactly like you is an enemy and you need to deal with them. It's insane, literally indicative of mental illness.

We started bringing knives, guns, and tactical books to church. Most of the adults in the church encouraged us. An older man sat me and my second-in-command down and warned us to prepare for the race war that was brewing in America, adding that black-on-white crime was criminally underreported by the liberal media.

In church of all places. This activity has no place in a church. None.

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I accidentally posted that comment before I was ready... whoops.

The militia information mill used to run on scanned pamphlets, homemade comb-tooth books, and conservative talk radio. Now it runs on YouTube, Facebook, and, still, conservative talk radio. The message is the same: You can’t trust the media. You can’t trust the government. Only we understand what’s really going on. And people are dangerous when they believe — like I did — that everyone else is either deceived or evil.

Naturally. Everybody else are dumb sheep, blindly following. Only we know the truth. You should follow us and do what we said, and don't ask questions.

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On the other hand you have the people who watch massmedia and who've been convinced that women are so oppressed that they get payed 1/3rd less for the same work and that the russians implanted a president like in a shitty cold war novel and even more paranoid believing for an entire year that Trump is a madman who will start ww3 tomorrow either with north korea or russia.

That's at least on par when it comes to being paranoid, in my opinions it's far worse. I can't imagine what it must be like believing that everyone is oppressing you or that ww3 could start any moment, it must be really stressful and tiring.

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That's at least on par when it comes to being paranoid

Agreed, though I wouldn't say its worse. The antithesis is not that everybody is oppressing you, but that everybody is out to get you or what you have. Two sides of the same coin if you ask me.

The best place tends to be somewhere in the middle, as with most things. There's a balance to be struck between mental health and awareness.

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seems like he is still following that path, just with a different group.