That last graph is terrifying. I didn't know things were that bad.
Even the 34% is way too high. But to have over 70% feel supporting 'free speech is as bad as being racist', makes me afraid.

Humanity has gone down this road before, and it's never pretty.
Criminalizing people for having the wrong political views is how hate is created, not solved.

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I bet a lot of the minorities interviewed and awnsering yes in #1 also think "hate speech" only applies to white people

hate speech is an act of violence

What the fuck happened to "sticks and stones".

People who don't respect others Don't deserve the right to free speech

I know the US has a way to punish wrong behavior severely (taking voting rights from convicts), But this is so much more dangerous. Intolerance leads to authoritarianism and oppression.... no matter if it's done by left or right.