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Circle of life getting pretty immediate.

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Umm.. I think I understand what you meant.

But this is not the circle of life.
Not unless they feed Grandpas remains to the baby. This is linear, not circular.

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It may not be much, but at least they had a chance to meet.

I have been fortunate to have a mostly long lived family. My generational photo is my father standing over me as a baby in a stroller. He's beside my Grandpa who is standing over my Great-grandfather in a wheelchair.
Four generations, two standing, two strapped to wheeled chairs while wearing diapers, and drooling.

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Who else is there besides FIL and son? FIL's brother and son?

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mother in law is the leftside hand on top of FIL, upside down hand with rings is my GF holding the baby, hand on right is the right-hand of FIL. So it's 3 generations of the same family.

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My sympathies to your family on his sad passing. Life will never be the same again for your wife.