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Well I could try, but it's soo hard when I could have much better tea.

What is your favorite kind of coffee/ coffee drink?

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if i'm looking to drink a lot over a long period, a light roast with a healthy amount of cream and sugar. if i'm going for flavor country, a jamaican dark roast with no sugar and little or no cream. always french pressed.

with alcohol, i prefer a darker roast for irish whiskey, thick cream with brown sugar. vodka is better with lighter roast and/or kahlua with milk and no or little sugar. going for a drink you can drink till you pass out (and wake up with horrible gut rot), rumchata is delicious as fuck and can totally mask any other alcohol you might add to a drink.

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Well I was thinking not alcohol. And well rumchata really isn't that good.

Single origin or blends.

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im a cheap skate so i generally just drink blends and coffee based alcoholic drinks are where its at. and i dunno why we are talking if you dont agree that rumchata is the best damn thing since peanut butter.