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I have experience with 2 different non-Tesla electric cars, one was pretty solid in an area with the fast charging stations, the other was a mid-range vehicle and charging took hours. At this stage I wouldn't buy one.

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Wow, the future really is awe inspiring, and it definitely makes me a better person than you as I drive around in my eco car because my commute is helping save the planet.

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Coal is so much cleaner than gas. Let's join hands and celebrate the future!

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I'm more of a bunker oil user to power my transportation, but I've got to respect coal. Nothing shameful about something that causes so much cancer.

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unless those are giant parking lots with charging stations and large mini-malls, I don't see people traveling and using those. hours to charge = less room to charge for everyone else, so it could be people pushing cars to chargers if one is actually available.

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The original article is a shameless straw-man - rating standard electric vehicles for time-sensitive extended road trips is like explaining how your toothbrush took too long while scrubbing out your pig pen.

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So you're agreeing that electric vehicles are sub-par and can't be relied upon for a typical vacation or road trip?