HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

Just me?

>HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. Just me?


[–] fusir 9 points (+9|-0)

I hope I didn't have anything to do with it. 0.00001% chance.

I posted some things without a title. Gabara figured out how to do it. He posted like 100 of them. Not sure what it does to the database.

I'm wondering if the site will ever go down forever and if putt will just not tell us. Last time he said, this might be it, we crowdfunded a ton and he.. seemed really excited about it..

[–] kromulent [OP] 4 points (+4|-0)

Well I hope it was you, they can always fix the database. I confess I'm afraid it's something else.

:) It's probably not you. If we are lucky Putts will comeback with a super fun update.

[–] Samsquamch 1 points (+1|-0)

We made the Chinese and Russians angry and they sent their bot armies after us? No wait, that would be Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Probably just another "accidental" bombing from Israel like when they "accidentally" bombed the USS Liberty.