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Just me?

>HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. Just me?


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it's funny people scurry back to reddit... I wish I knew their voat accounts to ignore em.... so much hypocrisy right there

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Edit: they dont like you saying things they don’t agree with. Don’t come here goats. https://preview.voat.co Go here

———— I’m wondering where we’ll meet up. If anything happens

A lot of goats really hate phuks. I’m rarely here, but I think it would be our best meeting place if something happens

Admin is a nice guy and is sympathetic to voat and it’s users.

People say we should go to 8chan. Someone just needs to teach me how subs work on there..

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Who really knows where everyone will go. Chances are that a great many were just impersonation accounts and they will eventually come here. All I know is that I recently started speaking with empress via texting so at least I can keep in contact with her.

Everyone else it was hard to see them as genuine. Lost my DIYGUNS sub which sucks. Hopefully they will allow that kind of content here.

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Those who "hate' phuks never had a good reason to, so if push comes to shove they'll probably move over. They probably won't find such sympathetic ears to their bullshit, but it still beats Reddit for their "fuck the system" reasons.

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I have never heard of this place before. I was recommended here by some guy on the voat preview site. I guess we are all niggerfaggots again. :( What are we called here? Phuckers?

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Hey man,

Nice to see a familiar face. Between this and 4chan / pol / 8chan, I like this place the best so far.

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That is pretty disgusting. If you didn't leave reddit b/c of principles then you never really had any at all.

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Didn't even know about this place and managed to find you fags. Only cucks go back to reddit.

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Like people in an abusive relationship never willing to admit that there is nothing good left there.