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That's why shopowners everywhere are buying the newest thing in store security: Stealth Korean Shop Assistants!

Armed with the latest in stealth technology, your Stealth Korean Shop Assistant is guaranteed to gun down looters and rioters within a 50 yard radius of your shop.

All for the incredibly low introductory price of $39.95 per month rather than the regular $1999.95 per month price. Act fast, our Stealth Korean Shop Assistants are going fast and you'll want to take advantage of the introductory price.

Call now, operators are standing by, or visit our website at https://www.voat.co

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If I call within the next 10 minutes, will I get a second Stealth Korean Shop Assistant for FREE?

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The offer to double your Stealth Korean Shop Assistant order is our special gift to you and available simply for the asking! Pay only standard shipping and handling for your Stealth Korean Shop Assistant and a modest freight fee for ammunition. Each Stealth Korean Shop Assistant comes with two P229 Sig Sauers semi-automatic pistols, one IDF Tavor SAR-IDF IDF16 with a newer model Meprolight Day/Night targeting system, and your choice of either:

  • HK MR762A1 - Long Rifle Package II
  • M4 in .50 cal Beowolf
  • M82A1 in .50 cal BMG

Offer valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.