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Picked up a Ryzen 3600 and I'm using it on a B450 because my 2012 setup finally bit the dust. Its already a noticeable difference installing Linux updates from the i5 3550 but that's as far as I got since the shop installed the wrong bios and left me having to flash the board on my own. They charged me 10 bucks for it too which I'll be getting back.

Very nice, I'm somewhat disappointed that I wasn't patient enough to wait for the new series. But I've been really enjoying my 2600x combined with the b450.

Coming from a 2014ish build, theres certainly a very noticeable difference.

Sorry about the wrong bios. That's quite frustrating. I've been wondering what flashing the mobo actually does, as I've noticed the b450 has a specific button for that. I just haven't gotten around to looking it up.

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Basically that button lets you flash the bios firmware without a cpu installed which is generally a requirement. Not many boards have that function and I specifically factored that in since old B450's dont support Ryzen3000 out of the gate.

On the 2600x vs 3600 the gains are almost insignificant except in a few poorly optimised(Ubisioft)open world titles at higher framerates. The main gain is in single and quad core performance.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke3OnFlOUnI <--also has 2600x