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What innovations have actually occurred in the last few iPhone gens? change the screensize, eliminate a port, get rid of headphones? The product is at maturity, they need something new to entice people to buy the product.

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I've seen the headphone jack thing actually drive people away from the product. When I have friends/family in the car, the people with headphone jacks get to choose the music. One friend actually bought an old android phone before a road trip because "your music sucks, and I'm not about to listen to 14 hours of audiobooks."

I'm sure there's other factors, but when you can buy a running car for the same price as your phone, you start to weigh the options.

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Or maybe because they priced themselves out of a significant chunk of the market?

[–] jobes 3 points (+3|-0)

I don't think they would even have as large of a market as they do if they weren't so overpriced. No one has bought an iPhone for features since the iPhone 3. It's basically like buying jewelry for many people and the rest of the people are just so technically incompetent that switching away from iOS is frightening

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one story I heard recently suggested that the big thing was drop in Chinese market sales, which had something to do with the Trump trade war.

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"It can't be because of our lack of innovations and shitty decisions as of recent. No. Blame it on those damn geniuses with their iPhone repairs." - Tim Cook 2019