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He's wearing hearing protection.

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It's weird it is over the ear.

The foam plugs seem more appropriate here.

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Some are also asking police when they can retrieve their cars from Walmart's car park. It is a popular place for people to come shopping from Mexico, and many now cannot make the return journey as their passports are locked in their vehicles.

They seriously don't have a place to shop in Mexico?

I can't imagine going through the hassle of crossing the border just to pick up some fucking groceries and cheap plastic crap they sell at walmart.

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I mean, you can get everything you need there. I don't think its that hard to cross the border legally if you are Mexican or American. And if there isn't any store like that near by in Mexico, its probably not that big of a hassle. In some parts of the US, you have to drive 30 minutes to get to a place like WalMart to buy office supplies or clothes.

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No idea how common those wait times are, but that is only one way and some times are significant.

I guess it might not bother some, but I would not do that.

Ciudad Juarez has a population of 1.3 million, they have to have big box stores.

Or are prices that much better in the US?

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I would be surprised if prices are better in US than in Mexico, but then again, we subsidize a lot of food so maybe food is cheaper here than in MX.

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I hate Walmart. My daughter sent a pic of a very strange woman she saw there. But, I never shot anyone in Walmart, because hate has no place in our country.