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Become a master camwhore, get as many people as possible to send me money.

I would come home, from a long day at work where I risked life and limb, and I'd kick off my shoes. Then I would take a piss, leaning against the wall and sighing to myself. Walking out of the bathroom I find myself in the kitchen, where I open the fridge and grab a nice cold beer. It has a cool grip to it, and when I crack the seal I am satisfied. The hard day of work is done and I am finally in the domain that I slave for.

Thank you God for giving me this moment. It has been such a long day. Oh yea, I'm also the most attractive person of the opposite sex, so immediately bitches are gawking at my shit and ready to drop it for a player.

It's good to be king.

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Probably go buy some bras since I don't have any. Maybe some tampons if it's that time?

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Probably just hang out. Maybe see how high I can pee and try out peeing and walking.

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I'd have to get some clothes for sure, I wouldn't have any. I'd probably get to see what it's like to have men staring at me in a "good" way, and also probably end up punching at least one of them. Most of my questions are of a sexual nature, so I'd have to figure out how a female orgasm actually feels--I suspect women have much better orgasms, but I can't prove it. I'd probably have to also see what it's like to be on the female side of reproductive-style intercourse, and if it's only a week I wouldn't be able to stay pregnant so YOLO.

Also, I'd suck so much dick.

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You'd better hope it doesn't stick... Think about delivery through your current equipment.

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That's what caesarean delivery is for. 👍

I'd have some 'splainin to do for my wife, though. And everybody else.

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I'd be content with a steerable pee dispenser ;-) I personally have no interest in how sex as a man would feel. After all, I already have the best equipment for the task, so why bother trying out second-rate tools? LOLS