Mine was pretty swell. Worked hard, came home and cooked with the Mrs.

What did you do today?

Mine was pretty swell. Worked hard, came home and cooked with the Mrs. What did you do today?


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Youngest is sick so I've had two mornings of naps with her (I would've had the naps even if she wasn't home). Only got to work like 6.5 hours last night because it's a slower time right now but I did pass my certification exam for a piece of equipment I'll need to be using. Other than that just been adjusting to working 3pm-1am shift after 4 years as a stay at home dad.

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Nothing worse than a sick kid. Good look.

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Thanks, it was more of taking advantage of me being home all day to give her more recovery time than serious illness. She was wanting to play most of the day but got in a couple good naps that helped her tremendously, I was chasing her around the house by late afternoon.

Sorry to hear about the sick one, hopefully everyone recovers soon. That is awesome that you passed your exam, congratulations! What equipment was it for? And that is a crazy shift to be working.

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Center rider pallet jack, I'm working second shift at a distribution center and only work Monday thru Thursday evenings. I didn't want to go back to working early mornings since every job I've had started early in the morning and I'm not a morning person.

Thanks, kid is battling an upper respiratory virus and could've gone to daycare today but we decided to let her stay home with me and get more rest.

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It's been great, so far. I had my last winter term final this morning and I'm getting ready for a dinner party tonight. I'm off to get a mani/pedi and have my hair done.

Congrats on the final final! What did you study this semester? Hope your party is awesome.

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All physics courses. I satisfied all the bs course requirements doing a BSE in maths. I'l finish with my second BSE in June. Then I'm taking a few years off.

Thanks, btw!

Superb! I will live vicariously through your school success, as I had to terminate my schooling early in order to take care of family members. Hopefully someday I can back into it and finish my degree. The last courses I had to take were physics courses. Holy shit were they complicated, but once you wrap your head around a concept you feel so much brighter. There are times where I find myself analyzing the different forces on an object around me, or wondering about all the EM fields surrounding us invisibly.

I really enjoyed physics, but I don't think I could make a major out of it. I went in for computer science and got an associates out of it, so I feel somewhat accomplished. Enjoy your few years off from the meatgrinder!

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  1. Coworker has high functioning autism. Has been told multiple times to stop jumping into other people's conversations - this was even brought up in his yearly review. He constantly comes over to share something he found funny. He has been told repeatedly not to do this. Everything has to be a a joke for him and few people find him humorous. He's aggravating every day of the week. Finally had to mute and hide his conversations on company chat because he'd listen in to my conversations with managers I report to and work with and send some message or link pertaining to it because the alternative is to raise all kinds of cain which could cause an interesting issue that I'd have to deal with regarding my employment.

  2. Other coworker is stupid. As in "the dullest tool in the shed." He has to be told something no less than three times before he gets it. If it's the next day, he needs 2 reminders. If you tell him something flat out, it's like he doesn't hear it and you have to tell him, flat out, again. He also has a lot of holes in his knowledge. He couldn't get a regular job because of this so my company hired him as a long-term intern. He's been working on the same tasks for almost a month, each one of which should only have taken several hours.

  3. My boss was promoted to another position that he's really good with (good for him) so now, as his stand-in replacement or point of contact, I have to deal with these clowns directly. I also now do all pushes to production which cannot happen until after 9 PM.

  4. The only other person at my level of maturity and responsibility is remote from us and so we can only talk in company chat. Every once in a while, conversation wires get crossed. I was trying to track down a code checkin to the repo that wasn't on our testing box and couldn't get him to understand that it wasn't on the testing box but was in the repo and no one complained that the code wasn't there (and so was dead code). After about an hour of this, I ran out of the ability to care and just said "fine, dead code to production it is."

  5. My boss's replacement is also remote and has a large learning curve as stand-in but since he's remote and doesn't know our side of things, most things fall on me. Which means I'm lucky to get in 4 hours of coding on any given day. Thankfully, he's a "hands off" kind of guy so I get a lot of control and leeway on handling things. He's also nowhere near as structured as my previous boss so our productivity numbers are dropping.

  6. My current project (which is very very cool, by the way) involves a lot of IndexedDB stuff and so my javascript is becoming increasingly asynchronous so I have to do full tests each time I work on another feature. This is highly frustrating.

  7. The project owner for the current project is like a hyper hummingbird and wants to micromanage and bloat the project, thus causing delays and more problems.

Maybe I can step up my "work from home" game. I'll certainly get a lot more done there.

Wow, what a day. I had somebody tell me once that no job is intrinsically hard. What makes a job hard are the people you have to put up with on a daily basis. Asshats and the like are just what is needed to mess everything up. You sound like you have an interesting workplace, I wish you luck on your new project.

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Thanks. I assume that people who say that have never had to do software development. I used to be a programming tutor at a local college. The "Intro to programming and logic" class counted as a math class and was also required for most business majors (because IT is a core part of any business, manager types need to at least have some idea of what a programmer does. The class would start packed at the beginning of the semester. 30, sometimes 40 people. After the first week, 1 or 2 people would drop each week, sometimes each class until there were maybe 10 left by the end of the drop/add period. I prefer to say that computer programming is "challenging" but it is most certainly a difficult job. There are people who will never be able to do work in that field because they don't think that way. I know I come home completely drained and exhausted every day just from sitting for 8 hours and thinking. As a bonus, I type really fast after years of development work.

On the other hand, there are people who could never be a photographer or an artist because they are so divorced from their emotions that they can't convey scenes, images, or compositions that invoke anything for the viewer. The techniques can be trained, yes, but the skill takes so much practice that by the time you're done with your degree, you can not only tell a trained artist from an untrained one, you can tell someone who is trained but has no feel or talent for it.

Regardless, if it makes you happy....

I was taking courses for computer science with a focus on software engineering. I had to drop my program due to family issues. I can honestly say that I have a passion for it, I've been doing pet projects in my spare time after work for the last few weeks. With that being said, it is a mindboggling experience to try and wrap my head around some of these professional engineers and the software they create.

I have spent tens of hours trying to figure out an error, dug through hundreds of stack posts, only to find out that the solution was nowhere close to being intuitive. Programming has taught me that I am not smart, and as much as I think I like math and obscure data sets, my intellect pales in comparison to some of these people.

I still desire to break into the field professionally, but I think for right now I am comfortable taking a backseat approach to this. I want to learn as much as possible before I go to face off with the rest of my generation who also thought they wanted to be developers.

I'm currently at the two hour mark in a four hour long video on Python. After smashing my head against a wall for three months learning C++, Python is a breath of fresh air. I'm at a mental block, however. It is akin to a writer's block where they can't think of anything to write about. I have all this knowledge of programming, but I don't know a damned thing worth my time to create. Do you find yourself in the same predicament? I imagine no, because you do this for a living working on corporate projects so I assume when you are off work the last thing you want to do is a home project.

I went to work, peed for a background check, and fixed a few issues.

Then I ate sausages while watching a vikings show.

I was tired but wasn't too bad.

A person should be judged by the quality of their work, not by the quality of their piss. At least that is what I tell myself when I am forced to submit to screenings like that. It is so dumb, especially because the majority of people who apply for jobs that do testing are actually trying to get a career going. I can see them wanting to piss test lower waged employees, but then again I guess there wouldn't be anybody to work those jobs if they did testing.

Vikings are badass, and plus 1 for the sausages!

hehe yeah it's real dumb especially someone like myself with over a decade of work experience, and my physical appearance. Yet you can have people dealing drugs, literally from their house, obviously, and the cops' hands are tied. I just got some specialty-made jalapeno cheese sausages mmm

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Went to work, nothing to write home about. Came home, got my daughter off the bus. Once my wife got home we went to a grocery store that we first visited on Saturday. It's a little bit of a hike in a town we rarely go to, but from what we saw last Saturday it is worth it--but it was way too damn busy on Saturday. Thursday night was a better night to be there, though the meat counter was very busy and about a 15 minute wait. They had a sale on ground chuck for $2.49/lb @ 80% lean. I prefer a little more lean, but the price was right--they had 70% lean for $1.89/lb but that's just too much fat to drain off. The limit was 5 lbs so we just go that, $12.50 for 5 lbs of ground beef is a superb deal as it usually goes for no less than $3.99/lb.

It was snowing and wasn't slowing down, so we got dinner and headed home. Pissed around on the computer while wife watched TV, no big deal. I've been going to bed early all week and haven't really been seeing much benefit from it. Last night was no different, in bed before 10pm. Maybe it's for the best, who knows.

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I like 80/20 for hamburgers on the grill.

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I may be skewed on this because I normally get 87% or better at my normal grocer (they sell up into the 90's), but I feel like 80% might shrink too much. Maybe not, though, and I guess the drip will cause the fire to flare and work better on the meat. I don't know, I don't grill very often because I live in an apartment.

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I learned to cook from my foster/adoptive parents. There were 3-8 kids until we came north and then I was the only child. My parents always worked hard to stretch their money so 80/20 is what I grew up with. My mom said the fat helped flavor the meat and gave the spices something to hold onto. I'm not exactly certain what she meant by that, but her burgers were always the best even when she cooked them on the stove.

I'm married and in a much more affluent situation now. Our burgers are 80/20. My husband grew up in a similar financial situation. Neither of us like lean hamburgers :-)

Sounds like it was a productive day, good find on the meat! I don't do a lot of cooking, but I've been told that if you want to mix meats together like in a loaf or in meatballs, that it is a good idea to get the higher fatty portions because they can hold together a lot better than the lean ones.

I've been going to bed earlier too, but I've also been waking up earlier so I'm not sure I'm seeing any benefit besides having a longer morning. I really enjoy the morning time though. The hours from 3am - 6am are the best, by far. Nobody is awake, hardly any traffic on the roads, and the air is strangely still. I get some of my best thinking done between these hours, when the banks can't get to me.

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Was alright. Finished up a lot of big things at work, but decided to help part of a team that is struggling so now I get to work over the weekend...yay

Well good for you man, helping people out like that. As a newbie myself, I can say it is always nice when an experienced partner stops and helps us along the way. Thanks for your effort.

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Phuken regular :)

Sounds nice, actually. I like days where nothing notable happens and I get to slide into bed without a worry in the world.

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good, I learning a lot at work! finally being challenged after years of stagnation. Going to be a good year.

Good job on taking something positive away from work. It takes a certain mind to see faults and necessary improvements in one's self. You mentioned years of stagnation. How has that been for you?

2019 is going to be a helluva year!

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It has been fine for me but I can do more my brother is basically a millionaire and I am way smarter than he is he just works way harder than I do. Grew up dirt poor and never thought would I achieve the level of success I have and I guess I am just content.