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I wish there was a cultural norm that could prevent rehashing old content. I'm sick of being resold my childhood, but I know it is profitable. It feels exploitative and the cost includes less focus on new ideas.

I envision an exaggerated entertainment ecosystem where increasing amounts of production and promotion contributes to a shrinking domain of previously successful ideas. Despite there being an increasingly large number of new ideas and entries created each year the average individual is aware of and engages with fewer ideas than their predecessor.

To the absurd and reductionist point that 1 idea stands for all. Harry potter is fantasy, Star wars is sci fi, etc,. Opinions about entire genres are thrown around based on reactions to a single figurehead of that genre and in the shadow of the figurehead other ideas are numerous but invisible. Science fiction fans become star wars fans. They have no appetite for science fiction entries that don't resemble star wars. Consequently successful new "sci fi" ideas all have star wars characteristics and the genre definition streamlines.

It is a gross simplification process. Remake. Regurgitate. Recycle. Spilling digested contents and then swallowing the bile repetitively until it is all liquid and nothing of substance remains. A meal for a baby bird deprived of flight. What is new arrives pre chewed by the influence of the successful. Enough with nostalgia! An industry practice as tasteless and exploitative of our human instincts as a strip club.