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In practice, that means the information from an interview can be used in the story, but in order for the person’s name to be attached to a quote, the reporter must transcribe the quotes they want and then send them to the communications team to approve, veto or edit them.

"Free Press" lol

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Eh less a Free Press issue and more a problem of Access Journalism. "Off the record" is not actually a thing; they can publish whatever an official says to them, and put name to the quote. Once. If you burn a source, they will be less willing to open up to you next time. That would mean more work in the long run.

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You're free to say whatever you want about the king. Once. If he doesn't like what you write, you'll be drawn and quartered, but we still have press freedom.

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Don't be silly. They aren't facing criminal penalties; they face having the door slammed in their face next time they ask for an interview.