[–] Mattvision 1 points (+2|-1)

Not gonna happen. People in power will never do something against their own interests.

The only way to clean up congress is to put the second amendment to good use.

[–] Timmy 1 points (+1|-0)

I kind of disagree with the implied violence part.

[–] Mattvision 0 points (+1|-1)

Was I too subtle?

I think the solution to all the world's problems is to murder all politicians. Sorry for the confusion.

[–] ScorpioGlitch 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

That's still too subtle. You gotta be more direct so that people understand exactly what you mean. You know, something like "Storm Washington DC, kidnap all of the politicians and family members, torture them all on live pirated TV broadcasts, finally kill the politicians after finishing off their family members in front of them." I don't advocate that in any way. I do not advocate violence in any measure. Do not do this at all, do not plan it, do not advocate it in any way.

However, abject terror causes people to behave. Violence with a promise of death has been repeatedly described as a gold standard of violence because it is absolutely clear what is intended. It is, after all, not a fear of the law but a fear of the consequences of getting caught breaking the law that causes (most) people to behave. They're only sorry after they're caught because they know that punishment, a reckoning, is coming.

This is why the 2nd Amendment exists. It is there to allow the citizens to not only protect themselves but to remove the government if necessary. Politicians are terrified of the 2nd amendment. That's why they're always trying to neuter or get rid of it.