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By far the dumbest thing in all of US politics is the fact that Democrats tend to support regime change in Syria, while Republicans tend to support it more in Iran. I am not talking about the elected officials in those parties; I’m talking about the ordinary rank-and-file Joes and Janets who stand absolutely nothing to gain from toppling either Damascus or Tehran, but who have been brainwashed by lifelong media consumption into supporting one or the other anyway.

Pretty on point there

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From a perspective outside the reach of the American mass propaganda and mass indoctrination channels, outside that bubble of artificially hyped-up partisan fake drama, you simply see one evil, fanatically militaristic two-party dictatorship preach war and destruction on all channels while redistributing the peoples' money to the cronies in the arms manufacturing industries.

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I don't see killing this general as intervening in Iran or support for it being "pro regime change" with all that baggage. This isn't Obama's red line or past Republican policy.

The fact is that the US is over there. If this guy was in charge of the Iranian pot shot department, I'm OK with taking him out.