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I'm betting Russia has an internal S-400 and an external S-400. Their internal one likely is far more effective. Remember how the radar station in Ukraine they deployed in the 1980's is still thought to be more effective than modern US radar technology. The S400 likely ties in with internal radar with a 10,000 mile range for their internal units that can detect low detail stealth aircraft. The S-400's they ship externally are still really really good, but they likely have trouble with radar range and the sole purpose of the F-35 - long range first strike engagement. The F-35 pales everywhere else when compared to the F-18 Super Hornet tho, which is like 20% cheaper per unit too.

Lockheed had stupider ideas to counter the S-400 tho. They initially wanted the fighter to deploy 3 different drones, one for cannon fodder, one for radar and one for striking to take out individual S-400s. Big paycheck for them, but single use fighters lol.