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She comes right out and acknowledges that it's literally impossible for taxes to even cover this and implies that deficit spending would cover the lion's share. The only possible outcome of deficit spending on this level would be massive inflation, as it's literally impossible for a country with a centrally-banked monetary policy to go broke. Since estimates stake this plan at 50+ trillion, you're talking a massive devaluing of the dollar at the same time as massive tax increases, while increasing the tax burden on corporations which will cause them to restrict investment and spending.

Basically, her plan is a promise to tank our economy. Then as the economy tanks, the numbers of unemployed people on government assistance goes up (you don't have to believe me go look at 2008), which further strains the system, leading to a cycle of increased poverty, increased reliance on the government, and so on. This is basically textbook socialist idiocy. It's been tried over and over and over again and it's failed every single time. It has and never will succeed, because it can't.

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Yeah but just think about how well the environment will thrive after all those impoverished people eat each other.