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Relevant but excruciatingly slow youtube video

Vague summary: Historically a marginal tax rate of 70% or higher is not unusual, and apparently had positive economic effects.

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A quote from OP "I'm just trying to find a place that will let me post freely. I'm not going to post anything even remotely political because an internet mafia will attack me personally(then quickly ban me) vs attacking my non-facts with facts......." Replace "post" with "spam"

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If I stop posting political stuff that would make you happy. Why would I want you happy?

I want to keep you true to your username(s)

“Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” ― Lou Holtz

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haha if you are a Republican or Democrat or Whatever no one gives two sh#ts about what the rich/wealthy want..........

Let's get a billionaire tax bracket going.

This guy made it one day in politics. Bye bye now.

Go back to selling coffee.....

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no one gives two sh#ts about what the rich/wealthy want

oooops then you realize they are Rich and can easily leave the US and guess who is left to cover that missing tax revenue...........