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It said my closest match was "Neo-Liberalism", however I have no idea what that means since it didn't provide a definition. It seems to me that some of the questions were poorly defined as well which probably messed my results up. For example:

It is better to maintain a balanced budget than to ensure welfare for all citizens.

Are they defining welfare as handouts, the constitutional definition of welfare, or a combination of both? Maybe I'll go through the test again and apply the most "MSM understanding" of terms to the questions and see what it labels me as.

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These things are a bit silly with their phrasing and simplicity. 5 responses is not really enough to answer major issues, and lots of them could have different answers depending on context.

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Agreed. I tried again and applied the most "MSM understanding" that I could think of and came out as a "Neo-Conservative". I can't say I would agree with either assessments especially without a definition.

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Libertarian Socialism

I can't say I'm shocked.

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Right-wing populist. I started liberal on these things 10 years ago, I would have never thought I was going to be this lol. I think alot has to do with the left moving line though.

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Same. I often wonder what percentage of my values have stayed the same as the Left goes further left, and what percentage of my views have genuinely moved right as I've seen the results of left-wing ideology.

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I got Right Wing Populism.

I clicked Neutral/Unsure on a lot of questions though, since they seemed to require a much more nuanced answer than agree/disagree, so I'm not sure where it would rank me if I could go into more detail.