I went fishing last weekend at a local canal and attracted some wildlife. Not pictured was the two herons that visited us. My fiance insisted on feeding them and that may of lead to us nearly hooking a goose.

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The mallard chicks look so different from the goose ones. Goose chicks are fuzzy af.

That's pretty close to get to them tho. I a path around a field, pond and stream where the canadian geese breed, and oh man I've been hissed at, charged at and chased multiple times by the parents. They are vicious

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Canada geese are dicks.

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They also poop a lot and it's very distinctive, especially on walking paths near where they hang out.

Yeah the geese are assholes. I told her not to encourage them but she persisted. We've also made friends with a odd trio of mallards. One is a standard green neck male, one is a more brown white male and the third is a very onrey black female. We've seen them over a few weeks and aside from some water boarding duck rape. They stick together.