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I know that feeling. The second I sit down my cats just plop down on me. I mean, I love them to death, but it gets really annoying sometimes.

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I ain't much of a cat person. We have one, but he does his own thing. When we lived in PA he would have a bat killed on the porch each morning I came home for a week or so.

Pretty damn metal for a cat, and he earned my respect.....but my husky is muh boy.

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Bat killer is pretty badass. My cats were both rescues that were on the chopping block. I can't let them out here because I'm pretty close to PCH, but they do a fantastic job of killing huge beetles that keep getting into my place lol. Once I move I can let them out, maybe I'll get a dog then too

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Oh ours adopted us. He just showed up on day meowing. Just a hungry kitten that was all over my son.

Each morning he would follow him to the bus stop and then wait for him to come home each day.

The other cat we did have (hit by a car) was thrown from a moving car in front of our house during a yard sale. Just got up looked at the car and came up to me.

He would give me back massaging each day I came home from work.

Some asshole hit him with a car for no reason. Actually swerved to hit him.

FedEx guy stopped and had his hands up saying wasn't me bro....he saw my eyes filled with murderous intent. He didn't move either.

I went inside and got my flamethrower because we lived on a road you had to come back down at the time.

Got outside as dude was coming back down the road with me and my flamethrower in the street......shot a 50ft flame in the sky and walked up to the driver's side with that fucker still dripping hell from the nozzle and had a chat with it in his face where he could feel the heat.

I went a little John Wick I know, but dude never came back down the road and I hurried my friend with tears in my eyes.