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We already have a multi sub ability using "/m/" in the url, sorts by new - https://phuks.co/m/music+blues+jazz+cheers+paddyspub

We could add the player to that page or to another page that works like that

edit: for a user, we could add the video player to their User Posts page

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that would be pretty cool.... link it up that'd separate you a thousand miles from voat and reddit... and doesn't infringe on fuck all... basically spotify for phuks

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now that's a great idea, because you could manage yours.... but it'd limit you to add others sick tunes... a separate page for each user? like a users sub page added? Iunno

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I hope adding Hooktube ability to the player is on the to-do list.

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im still playing with it and brainstorming on it. Hooktube doesnt respond with the length of the vids in the call, so it's hard to figure out when the next song should start loading

edit: I could ping the youtube version to get the info, but that kinda defeats intention behind the hooktube link..

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I don't know much coding, but how necessary is it to know what the next video would be? Why not just play the selected song and stop? Couldn't it just play a single song when selected? Maybe a selectable option of single vs playlist.

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I could force people to listen to Deaath Grips all day...


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lol well if it's downvoted after spamming than no... should affect a refresh. but you could introduce it to unsuspecting victims... who might be wanting to hear ur jam....