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but it didn’t feel like Battlefield title.

Did they even play it? Because it felt exactly like Battlefield 4 with some changes. It felt incomplete and rough around the edges, but it felt unmistakably like Battlefield.

Our first major red flag for the Battlefield 2042 Beta came just a day prior to the start date. EA reported that the Beta of the game was several months old.

That is weird, but it's par for the course for the franchise. They always pull this. Their purpose for these beta is to test server stability more than anything.

They can't launch a game to save their lives, though.

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I do feel as if they made some changes that are not great. The whole specialist thing and ditching the traditional class system is not a good idea, for example. Mostly I just think that nobody will be able to run it, the average steam user is below minimum spec for the game, and its not like this is Cyberpunk or something, its a multiplayer FPS, the game running very well is basically required for it to be enjoyable.