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This is a very well laid out review that points out a plethora of issues I had not even noticed. Some highlights:

  • Custom input mappings still require you to manually create and edit a .txt file

  • ALL shadows have been removed from NPCs. Shadows on all characters are hardly noticeable anymore

  • People who did not buy Reforged and still owned classic Warcraft 3 were forced to update from a 1.3gb install to the 30gb Reforged install with no way of preventing that

  • Players can no longer skip to the Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne campaigns like you previously could. In order to play the expansions, you are now forced to play through all campaigns in order to unlock the expansion content

  • All Frozen Throne re-balances and changes now apply to Reign of Chaos

  • All players are forced into a global general chat that is present in every menu in the game with no way to disable this

  • When you join a multiplayer game, the in-game chat combines with the global general chat, making it impossible to actually communicate with people in your game.

  • If you fail to connect to Blizzard's servers or get disconnected, your progress will not save. Cloud saves overwrite any offline progress you make.

  • Massive amounts of custom game features were removed, including custom campaigns, clans, LAN support, ladders, etc.

  • The Illidan vs Arthas epic fight sequence was completely remade and it is embarrassingly low quality in animation

  • Overall the game looks better in some ways, but worse in many ways. The new lighting system makes environments very flat and different environment features no longer stand out from one another. The game is just harder to read and various aspects, like the fog of war, do look noticeably worse.

  • Plethora of other bugs/problems