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This makes it even more depressing how hard they blasted Steve Wiebe in the ass back when he was a contender.

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The group writes in an statement released today that Mitchell’s famous”Donkey Kong” score of 1,047,200 was not achieved on an arcade machine — a requirement for Twin Galaxies and Guinness — but rather through the use of emulation software.

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I've been following this from the beginning. First off, he's like 21st in DK now or something, so its kind of absurd that he's been clinging on like this. Secondly, it was immediately clear as soon as evidence was posted that he was playing on emulator.

Playing on emulator is, by itself, fine. But he lied about it, and some of the scores that he got were very very unlikely to happen in normal play for a bunch of reasons. Mathematically, a couple of the scores he had could only be achieved by perfect/almost perfect play for hours, and then getting a game over in a very stupid way. You can also tell by looking at the audio from some of the videos that they're spliced, meaning he probably did play in all of the footage in the videos, its just he sandwiched all of his best sections into one.