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heaven forbid that non-art history majors should be permitted to explain an artist's motives and the piece's imagery to people who couldn't afford to waste 4 years of tuition to discover that those artists were just as crazy and horny as anyone today.

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Classic masterpieces from some of Europe’s top museums are recreated by porn stars who then come to life, which in the case of Venus of Urbino—a centerpiece of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence—means Venus will suddenly start masturbating and, in the depiction of Male Nude, Degas’ celebrated dick pic featured at the Met quickly evolves into a full blow job.

Gotta expose the teens to art somehow... Just as Looney Toons exposed generations to classical music, literature, and history.

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True. There are so many classical pieces that I automatically identify with Looney Tunes...especially one involving a bird that comes out of a cracked volcano...Mendelssohn's "Hebrides Overture" plays in the background.

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Not many people are aware that Merry Melodies and all the rest of the cartoons were intended as filler material to amuse movie-going adults.

I believe that Merry Melodies is where I acquired my liking for classical music. But learning all the trivia and symbolism about that age is interesting, but not interesting enough to actually read textbooks about it. I only want the bullet points.

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There's only so much time in the world. The bullet points work just fine.

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Here I was thinking classic art was in the public domain...

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Sure, as long as someone doesn't want to make money from displaying the original.

They're not likely to stop Pornhub..

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I enjoy art but the worthless crap some call art I wouldn't wipe my ass with. toilet paper is worth more so if Pornhub want's to post counterfeit graffiti then post in in back alleys of Chicago.