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Heh. Like there was such a thing as a female programmer back then.

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Yeah, yeah. Some early poser chick who got a medal from Obama for being so heroically feminine. She totally revolutionized the whole computing world with her feminine amazingness. Everything's different, since Margaret Hamilton.

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Women generally did punch card entry, so guys would write the code on paper, then women would put the code into punch cards and feed them into the computer. They considered those women "computer programmers", since they did program the computers, they just weren't code writers

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I was alive and programming back then. You speak fiction.

edit: I was 15 and in a a night class in the 70s. There was one female, and she quit early in the semester. It was all punch cards back then, male or female. All punch cards. Except cobol. Even cobol boiled down to punch cards. One chick, cleft palette and a nervous tick. Other than that, nothing. Women didn't program or code.

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My ex-mother in law did literally the job I described, so I was telling how her department was and how she described the job to me