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That is honestly one of the worst ideas I've seen. I hope people aren't actually giving themselves coffee enemas.

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But what if it wasn't?

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TBH, if you get to the point that you need a coffee enema over a regular one, you were probably eating so terrible and not exersizing in the first place. If one take proper care of their body and eats healthy their bowels will generally be pretty regular. imho enemas outside of medical practice and necessity are pointless and trendy to bored people, and a coffee enema just sounds like a shitty fusion of their lifestyle and belief that it will do something other than flush the shit out of the bowels and PUMP the body full of caffeine. What that article does not tell you is that when you ingest something orally like a drug, only about 70%ish of the drug makes it to your system. Now if you take that same drug and shove it up your ass, you'll get about 98% of the drug.