I like turtles
I prefer tortoises


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The answer is obvious.

I'm thinking the whole Smith/Rock thing was possibly staged. They are trying so hard to keep their Hollywood circle jerk relevant.

Well this is one way to get people talking about it.

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I think he's a jerk. The videos of his wife during rock's joking didn't show her looking upset. She's been dealing with the alopecia head-on and making it her bitch. She was perfectly capable of standing up for herself if she thought it was necessary. Her husband's a dolt.

South Philadelphia, born and raised.

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one of the few things I actually enjoyed that will smith was in

I liked "I Robot". I suspect that it takes a strong director to get the best performance out of him.

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Younger me would have been yelling at you, but older me is just like "I am happy you enjoyed it".