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I'd sooner buy everyone a sandwich rather than see it wasted by the NGOs.

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how they would use it

He said he'd sell his stock and do it himself if they could detail how it would end world hunger, which is a very different thing than saying he'll give them the $6 billion if only they detail how they'd put it to use.

It's a bureaucracy; they exist to take whatever money is handed them and launder it into their paychecks by getting hung up on as much paperwork, red tape, and committee meetings as they can invent.

Many people have enthusiastically pointed out that their budget is already in excess of $8 billion, which to my thinking implies that either it was an outright falsehood, or these people that are expressly employed to end world hunger and have been given more-than-adequate resources to do so simply don't because they are some of the worse sorts of sociopath.

Or both

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I get that these kinds of organizations are huge bureaucracies of waste, funneling money to special interests, corrupt, etc


expecting any plan for transparency on how to spend $6B on a Twitter thread is pretty dumb. Wrong venue. Could anybody show an accounting of how they'd spend even $6M for a project that already exists and was successful in a Twitter thread? Something like

labor: $541,0023

materials: $1,939,117

utilities: $27,0332

etc would just get called lacking in detail.

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If a plan can't be laid out in at least its broad strokes on a Twitter thread, then it is a deliberately obtuse scam not intended to solve anything.

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Why not both?

  • NGOs like this are very wasteful and corrupt
  • World hunger is a complex problem that throwing a few billion won't completly fix
    • That's probably Musk's original point
    • But I'm sure even with wasteful bureaucracy the situation could be improved, so Musk comes across as an autistic ass by making an argument about this and avoiding that he could make a big positive impact here if we wanted
  • Musk is a Twitter shitposter who probably wouldn't accept a plan if it came from Jesus himself