Since I am forces to wear a facemask when I enter an indoor public apace, I made some facemasks out of mesh.

Without a facemask in an indoor public space, I can be fined $500. Also, any business can have their license removed if they allow customers to enter a indoor public space without a mask.

Fuck these restrictions, fuck Michigan Governor Whitmer, fuck pretty much everything.

Unlock Michigan!

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fuck Michigan Governor Whitmer,

I will 100% lose all faith in democracy if she gets reelected

Hopefully we can get enough signatures to repeal the law that allows her to continuously declare a state of emergency. No Governor should be allowed to have unending powers without legislative approval.

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Yea, I remember Michigan. It was OK to buy booze, lottery tickets, and cigarettes, but don't you dare try to buy a shovel for your garden or a paint brush.

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Since I am forced to wear a facemask when I enter an indoor public space

I don't know how insane the stores are there, but California has the same requirement and I haven't had to wear one yet.

I've only been turned away at one restaurant and the DMV; everyone else's enforcement stopped at a sign hung on the door.

Most stores have a person standing out front turning away any customers without a mask.

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People who bitch about restrictions are in the states in the top 10 for lowest infection rates. It's almost like the extreme measures work.


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Facemasks for general use are no help for the wearer. The do help prevent sneezes and coughs from spreading anything you might have, though.

They're mostly just a blankie to keep you calm.

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When in doubt, staple a coffee filter on the inside, or not.

I haven't been questioned about it so far. I'm thinking about stealing some pantyhose from my wife and wearing those over my face.

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You could always tell them the mesh is electrostatic ally charged, like the magic air filters that spew out ozone as they pull in some airborne particles. I bet you could sell them on eBay.

Just to remind everyone, a virus is so small that air would be unable to pass through anything that would stop it.

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The coronavirus has a diameter of roughly 125nm, air is primarily made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen (the important stuff) has a bond length of 121pm, so let's say the rough diameter of the 0_2 molecule is about 400pm to be safe. Hence a coronavirus particle has a diameter that's over 312 times that of a molecule of oxygen gas.

A bit like comparing a grain of salt to a baseball when scaled up.

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What kind of thread-count do you need to stop 125nm?

I am aware that the virus tends to cling to globs of mucus or spittle which will be stopped by a simple cloth mask, or even a bandana.

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They work via electrostatic charges. Stop talking about things you know nothing about as though no one else does either. This is why people are still getting sick.

Also, the unprotected mucus membranes on your face give viruses a great way to access your bloodstream.