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Can Disney sue an entire nation?

If they do will Bollywood just laugh at them?

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I have worked directly with Disney and some Bollywood company I can't remember the name of, and I gotta say I would far prefer working with the Bollywood people any day before working with Disney again. They were a fucking nightmare to deal with their producers and the company actually lost money on the Disney contract because they kept having us remake things over and over again from scratch and eventually forced us to hire a bunch of ex-Pixar employees to get the results they wanted. Fuck Disney.

The Bollywood group on the other hand was very hands off and just seemed grateful to have us do the work. Unfortunately that project fell apart because AMD dropped the ball and severely misled both groups on their hardware capabilities. 8 months into the project we finally had a call with both their CPU and GPU team on the phone when the Ryzen guys said "uh yeah we do not support multi-GPU for this gen". That killed the Bollywood VR project the GPU team was funding.

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Nice little piece of history! Disney sucks pooh balls.