Anyone remember me? I'm bored and don't feel like getting back on Voat.

Anyone remember me? I'm bored and don't feel like getting back on Voat.


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Hey, welcome back. Some of the original group still hanging around and we're still tinkering with the site a little at a time.. We've got a few people doing gardens this year so /s/justgrowit should have some good content coming soon.

Cool. I need to start making gardening videos again, especially for beginners. Way too many people interested right now.

I just thought I'd be nice to drop in and see some old friends. I might stick around, but I mostly use mobile and the site ain't so great on my phone.

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I was wondering what happened to you, was just thinking about you recently since we are planning to start a garden. How’s it going?

It's good. I was in the process of switching jobs when Covid happened so now I'm a stay at home dad until things normalize.

I have 2 young kids and spend mon-fri keeping them out of my wife's hair while she teleworks. So i have to squeeze in my gardening on the weekends and afternoons. I'm trying all kinds of new crazy plants in the garden this year and I'm really excited!

How about yourself?

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Quarantining, working from home. We (wife, daughter (7)) live with my parents now and the house isn't that big. Getting tired of not being alone. At least the weather has been overall decent, but still a touch cold to be sitting outside very long. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so damn windy.

I know. I want to take the kids for a walk, but the wind the past few days has been nuts. Looks like a nice weekend though.

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How is your penis doing?

It's been better. Spending quarantine with wife and kids makes sexy time one more distraction from sleep.

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Must be nice get that sweet quarantine. My wife and I are both "essential"

It's not all sunshine and peaches. I'm just entertaining my 4 year old and 6 month old. I love my kids, but it's impossible to get anything done during the day.