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Well you shouldn't run out of salt for a while

Fun story: I bought one for storage and one for the pantry, and a couple days later my wife did the same thing. So I took 3 of them.

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Sometimes I forget where I put my some of my extra supplies because my cabinet space is pretty spread out, so I'll pick up like 4 bags of muesli and think of a place to put them, then find I already had 4 bags stashed away there.

Last month, we ran low on garlic powder, so I bought a jar, then my wife picked up one a few days later. Then, she forgot we had garlic powder and she bought another jar. We are currently sitting on 3 full jars of garlic powder.

I have a 30 pack of Hamm's beer, 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 bottles of homebrew mead, and 6 tall boys of Steele Reserve. Plus that giant bottle of gin. I think that will be enough for a while.