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When inclusion and consent collide. Yikes.

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Clown Worldᵀᴹ is pretty messed up in just about every way possible. It's time to take back our civilization before it's fully rotted out.

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Then don't go to the dance. It's not a trick question or whatever.

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Those decisions are a lot easier for an adult to make than a student, a child. I actually got into this situation last night with my own.

She, in second grade, brings home a flyer with a thing the class is doing next Tuesday. Apparently they want to make some sort of presentation to the district school board to showcase how the class is doing and show "outcomes" in education.

The way this looks and sounds to me is that they're trying to justify something to the school board. Maybe it's a way to justify more funding, maybe it's to show that their investment last year is paying off. Who knows, but to me it sounds political. I don't really want my daughter involved in someone's political scheme. She doesn't know any better now, but when she gets older she'll look back negatively upon it when she has that mental review later on.

Anyway, I express this in the house and my wife understands. My wife can't participate anyway for another reason, a previous engagement outside the home. All my daughter hears is, "you won't let me go and I want to go do this thing!" I can't explain it, she can't understand. Even if she could, I don't really want her to have that negative feeling about her teacher or, even worse, the school. That's also a terrible way to grow up, that was me from a stupid young age.

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You're obviously not a woman. Missing those dances can be devastating. You don't understand how much a girl's view of herself rides on fitting in with her classmates. Being the odd person out on school social activities at that age makes one a target for derision and can lead bullying by classmates.

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I'm not but I was never included in school stuff anyway. I figured out I wasn't missing much because high school kids can be pretty toxic. I didn't know until about 20 years later that it was a high school for a very affluent area; the neighborhood was upper middle to middle upper class. Turns out that they can be just as toxic as anyone else, they just show it differently. Turns out I wasn't missing much by not being included.

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I can't speak to how boys deal with it. I remember missing social event in 7th grade and feeling as though I'd never recover. I was over all of that early in 9th grade, though. Puberty and growth spurts ruined high school for me. I wanted everyone to just die.

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When I think of not being able to say "no" when asked to dance: https://youtu.be/cEStHCC-2Sc

To be fair the dance's full name is "Bill Cosby Valentine's Day Box Car Social".

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Being this is in Utah, kinda surprised they are even allowing a dance in the first place. Or females in school for that matter.