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Same here. Various groups of people have succeeded in radicalizing a significant portion of the population in a very short time period and the media constantly seems to want to keep pushing people to the brink.

Virginia is starting to look like a powder keg with the government and overwhelming majority of the countries at absolute odds with one another.

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What really gets me are the people who seem to be all gung ho for it. They seem to be acting like it'll be some mythical purge night where murder will be legal for a few nights, and they're just holding off until that moment when the powder keg ruptures. Then, it seems like both sides seem confident that it'll just be a minor bump and things will be right as rain immediately afterwards, instead of the more historically likely situation that it would economically, culturally, and socially destroy everything in short order. I know I sound like a naive hippy saying stuff like this, but are we really that far gone that we still can't talk things out? That we can't wait it out a bit more or at the very least just have patience? Have we lost our love for our common man? Have we forgotten the terrors of war?

It kind of reminds me of the news stories that seemed to be excited about WWI flaring up, and talking about how it would be a 'quick' war that would last only a couple of weeks.